Forex Analysis

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Technical Analysis

EUR/JPY: Ichimoku indicators analysis
SX5E: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EOS: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EUR/GBP: Ichimoku indicators analysis
GBP/NZD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
Brent Crude Oil: wave analysis
XAU/USD: wave analysis
Intel Corp.: wave analysis
ATT Inc.: wave analysis
AUD/JPY: Ichimoku indicators analysis
CAD/CHF: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EUR/NZD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EUR/AUD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
GBP/CAD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
GBP/TRY: Ichimoku indicators analysis
WTI Crude Oil: wave analysis
XAG/USD: wave analysis
Netflix Inc.: wave analysis
Walt Disney Co.: wave analysis
USD/JPY: decline may continue
GBP/AUD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
CAD/JPY: Ichimoku indicators analysis
GBP/CHF: Ichimoku indicators analysis
ETC/BTC: Ichimoku indicators analysis
AUD/CHF: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EUR/CAD: Ichimoku indicators analysis
EUR/USD: wave analysis
GBP/USD: wave analysis
Nvidia Corp.: wave analysis
Alphabet Inc.: wave analysis

Fundamental Analysis

WTI Crude Oil: possible conclusion of a deal with Iran puts pressure on prices
Key Releases
USD/CAD: downtrend persists
EUR/USD: the euro controls the dynamics of the pair
USD/JPY: positive reports support the yen
FTSE 100: the index continues to correct
GBP/USD: the instrument is preparing to renew the February high
Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.: general review
Retail Sales. New Zealand, 00:45 (GMT+2)
Pfizer Inc.: general review
HP Inc.: general review
Cryptocurrency Market Review
EUR/TRY: lira continues to weaken
AUD/USD: the instrument may continue to rise
Key Releases
NZD/USD: the instrument is waiting for new drivers
USD/CAD: positive statistics supported the pair
GBP/USD: GBP is showing near-zero dynamics
EUR/USD: neutral trading dynamics
Morning Market Review
USD/CHF: the instrument continues to decline actively
S&P 500: growth amid falling bond yields
Gross Domestic Product. Germany, 08:00 (GMT+2)
AUD/USD: the asset is trading in correction
BTC/USD: BTC price continues to fall
Tesla Inc.: general review
Caterpillar Inc.: general review
Microsoft Inc.: general review
Key Releases
USD/JPY: Haruhiko Kuroda's rhetoric did not support JPY

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Risk Warning

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You may lose all your initial capital when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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